Capitalism, shell game?

13 Mar

Shell -game:

How many people are aware that the US gov’t gives $5 B subsidies to the oil companies . The taxpayer-suckers are actually subsidizing the fat cats who  pay almost nothing in taxes: Exxon, BP, Conoco, Shell are literally getting rich off of the American system. Meanwhile, the workers of America are getting sacked by the corporate bosses, and the middle-class foots the bill for the exporting of jobs to low-wage sweatshops in Asian and Latin American countries. What a racket! And the politicians have the nerve to say they’re working on behalf of American families, who are their ‘bosses.’ As if the self-protecting, self-serving, self-replicating elite doesn‘t work to protect its own interests. “Public servants” or criminals? You decide.

The US imports and exports oil. Why do we import it? Because Pres. Obama, for better or worse, nixed drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Why do we export it? Obviously, for profit. Meanwhile, Russia and other countries are sitting on oceans of oil. There is no oil shortage. The world is awash in the black gold. They’re more interested in the long-term profits to be made by pretending they have to conserve it so dearly.  Russia, China, Brazil, India are all increasing their oil usage, and this drives up global prices. Solar, wind and other alternative energies can’t yet replace the magnitude of oil consumption in the world. Speculators also help drive prices up in times of ‘crisis.’

Imagine what the US economy would be if they lowered the price of oil. Middle-class families would be much, much better off, as would working-class ones. It’s all about Greed and Profit…Foreign nations are profiting from our misery, as are the oil companies. The Saudi Gov’t. loves instability in the Mideast, which helps raise the price of oil, its sole commodity, because they know they can count on the US military to be their paid lackeys and fight any and all comers in the region. They and the Israelis may even be behind some of the Mideast chaos, which feeds their mutual self-interest in keeping America from freeing itself from both foreign oil and foreign wars. The sham of American democracy, in which politicians of both parties are being funded by corporate and banking interests, is becoming more and more apparent to the American voters. Or perhaps not.

The owners of the means of production wish to control everything and influence everyone: the oil in the ground; the water that we drink; the educational system; and of course the political system. They seek to gut all forms of regulation or else to water them down sufficiently as to render them powerless. They were shocked when Obama blocked their attempt to build a transAmerican pipeline in the Midwest, the Keystone Pipeline, which would have caused rampant pollution, wanton destruction of millions of acres of farmland, and the violation of the rights of citizens and their states. Fortunately, the environmentalists and “Nimbys” managed to shoot a potent cannonball across the bow of the oil companies, and the Republicans are now foaming at the mouth with rage, baying for Democrat blood. This is life under “Hegemonic American capitalism!”

As Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” The entire country cannot function without oil, even if they do manage to invent new green technologies. The consumers probably can’t afford the hybrid cars in droves quite yet, so we’ll continue to need oil. And pay dearly for it.


Gangster Capitalism:

ExxonMobil, Bank of America, GE, Chevron, Boeing, Valero, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Conoco Philips, Carnival Cruises. All have profited during these times and skirted paying income tax. Gangster Capitalism 101, taught by Professor Al Capone.

Finance derives capital beyond its limits.

Capital is value set in motion to expand. [acceleration]

Capitalism, a 3 percent rate of compound GDP growth, profitability, and rates of accumulation.


Nobou Okishio:

Investment, profitability, the standard of living of workers remains fixed, price competition.


Surplus of capital relative to opportunities to employ capital. “The over-accumulation of capital.” Assets, paper products, short-term profits.

Finance, lack of demand, stimulation, manipulate the credit-system, Keynesian economics.

Protest lit:

1. Most middle-class families have housekeepers, servants, and nannies. They ruthlessly exploit labor, off the books.

2. Wage-slavery keeps millions of people in poverty.

3. The exploitation of labor is a vital element of capitalism. Land, resources, commodities, and money itself, are ruthlessly exploited by capitalists for profit.

4. “A living wage” campaign is needed in order to socialize the working-class and raise it from the evils of wage-slavery, for the minimum wage is unlivable.

5. Immigrants are dumped on the US, in order to maintain a pool of uncomplaining, exploitable labor kept hidden within the shadows of daylight.

The rich live on capital gains and dividends.

The middle-class tend to be lifers.

Lenin, “Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism.” The exploitation of overseas markets is integral to capitalist economies, leading to colonialist wars, such as we have experienced recently in the middle-east.

The top ten percent of the people own 50 percent of the income in the US, and 20 percent have 80 to 85 percent.

Hence, 80 percent of the US population is fighting over 15 percent of available resources.

It’s worse in Britain! Fewer than 1 percent own 69 percent of the wealth (Aristocrats! The Rothschilds are their trusted bankers)

American capitalism requires 50 percent of the population, the working-class, to remain in the dark about the sources of their oppression.

The masses are comforted, gilded slaves, with 24-hour cable TV, sports, alcohol, and other distractions to keep them in a state of “False consciousness,” and apathetic indifference.

The Ancient Romans kept their masses enslaved too, with ‘bread and circuses,’ ie games and dole and religion.

The most salient fact about America is the unspoken truth about the class system.

Protest the Wall-Street -DC axis! March on Wa® shington!

One in six persons in the US lives in utter poverty.

The capitalist-system.

Capitalism means the exploitation of workers.

The exploiters and the exploited.

Whoever controls the economy controls the people.

American pop culture, or mindless, amoral garbage keeps them ignorant.

Americans lack a bill of ‘economic right.’

Trickle-down economics didn’t trickle down! The rich took the lions’ share for themselves.

“Free market economics” or Reaganomics, is tearing society into pieces.

W. doubled US national debt.

In ten years, the US dollar lost 20 percent of its value.

2000-2010 meant, “The crisis of capitalism.”

$35K should be a livable income, but then it‘s highly-taxed!

The SEC is supposed to regulate Wall Street, but they have overlooked white collar crimes.


“The history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggles.” Marx and Engels.

The bourgeoisie, the middle-class, pays its workers, the proles, a wage that they can not live on. This keeps them coming back for more. The angry, discontented masses will eventually come to understand their condition as artificially -imposed, and they will rise up and overthrow the source of their oppression. That’s the basic thesis of Marxism. Capitalism is not forever but will produce its anti-thesis. Guided by enlightened Marxists, the proletariat will reorganize society under equitable lines.

Things are so bad, that it must be compared with the Great Depression, when 5 percent of the population in 1929 owned 33 percent of the US GDP.

6 banks now control sixty percent of the economy!

In  14 years during the sixties, income rose about 55 percent despite– or even because of– the Vietnam War.

From 1974 until now income declined in real values. Nixon decided to decouple the dollar from the gold standard, I believe. Thus money has become more and more worthless unless it’s a lot of money.

Inflation, plus gas prices, plus COLA, plus job outsourcing, plus more and more surveillance and law, is a formula for MISERY.

Welfare, $2,070 for a family of 4 in 1966.

By 2020, $35,604 in gov’t spending per capita, just to maintain the white-controlled status quo.


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