Dissent! brief essays on capitalism

13 Mar


1. America’s internal peace comes at the price of unending, unwinnable wars.

2. A credibility gap exists between the State and the people.

3. Conflict between the haves and the have-nots erupts. On the one side, the well-off, the upper middle-class, the ostentatious people, and on the other hand the oppressed working-class and the poor. The middle-classes begin to feel solidarity with the poor and hatred of the classes above them.

4. Hence, class warfare is inevitable.

5. Crony capitalism, exposed. The combined power of Wall Street and the state leads to corruption.

6. Capitalism entails that greater and greater profits be squeezed from people who are working harder and harder. No matter how hard they work, they never really ‘get ahead.’

7. A culture in decline, standards being driven downwards, intentionally! The system fears the spark of intelligence that might lead to solidarity among the classes, which would result in a potential rebellion or revolution.

8. Television, the other “opiate of the masses.” God said “Let there be light,” and the Devil said, “let there be television.”

9. “The idea of socialism” must be brought to the working-class so they will storm, yes storm the bastions of capitalism” [Isaac Deutscher].

10. Throughout history, the wealthy have translated economic power into political power, making a farce of so-called, “Democracy.”

11. Globalization meaning that they sent manufacturing from the US to 3rd World countries intentionally, to vitiate America‘s working-classes!

They can pervert the democratic process with their money, hence no ‘Campaign finance reform.’

We want our democracy back!


The Spark of 2012:

A scenario can be constructed in which a peoples’ revolt breaks out across the US of A. Sticker shock at the cost of living, and buyer’s remorse among the public, as Obama is shown to be unable to solve the nation’s economic problems, mainly due to the price of high price of oil. Incivility already is normal in our discourse thanks to the radio shock jocks and the cable TV talking heads. The bickering between the two parties spills over into social conversations, and fights break out in families. The effects of global warming sickens millions of people across the world. Oil prices rise; war looms in the Mideast; terrorism  threatens us; the dollar declines; the middle-class is broken; work for millions dries up; food sticker-shock pushes many people over the edge. Frustrated mobs of people take to the streets. The economy tanks. “Supply-side” economics fails us. Welfare fails us. Leaders fail us.

Meanwhile the connected, the highly-educated, and the wealthy get richer and richer. The glitter of the mass media spectacles of conspicuous consumption lead openly to class conflict and long-suppressed social hatreds. Racial strife breaks out in over-crowded cities. The banning of smoking makes people even angrier than usual.

Employers demand longer and longer hours and the right to fire people at will. Labor strife breaks out as union leaders seize the day and demand greater powers for their members. Inflation sets in. Economic policies are shown to be nothing more than chimeras and theories. A single major catastrophe can set the country ablaze.

Sound familiar? It occurred during the late sixties and early seventies, and we got stuck with Nixon.

This time things could be worse because the racial composition of America has changed precipitously thanks to the policies of the Democrats, leading to social disorder and chaos. The police alone cannot protect us.

And what is the safest place to be when that day comes?


America’s pols claim that we have a ‘free market system,’ but of course there are all kinds of vested interests running things. The auto and oil industries have actually halted progress on alternative technologies, which would threaten their profit margins, such as the electric car.


Health insurance Companies control the marketplace, along with the FDA:

Wellpt, Aetna, U H Group, Amerigroup, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Healthnet, Kaiser Permanente. They control the health insurance market.


Q: If capitalism is so good, then why did the USA lose 12 trillion dollars in 3 years?

Stocks were down 25 percent in 10 years.

Q: If Wall Street knows what it’s doing, then why did the US economy average only 2.5 percent growth each year since 1991?

Michael Kinsey, in The Atlantic, says “US debt will rise to 185 percent of GDP by 2035.”

Fin’l markets have lost 50 percent of value since 2007.

US dollar is down by 20 percent in 10 years.

The rich in 2011 are taxed at the lowest rate since Truman.

The Fortune 500 controls 80 percent of the world’s economy.

The US military procures 50 percent of US Fed budget.

Capitalism is an inhuman system. 10 percent of the population receives 2/3 of the gains.

1973 , “the Oil crisis,” saw a 10 percent loss in income for most of the US population.

Whites are 10 times more likely than blacks or Hispanics to be in the top 25 percent of the income-bracket. Capitalism is indeed a racket!


Poverty should have been wiped out during the 1980’s, but thanks to Reaganism, it exploded, as did illegal immigration (more poverty) and drug trafficking and crimes! Reagan tried to deconstruct the welfare state, and Clinton-Gingrich finished the job for him in 1994.

Finance capitalism has replaced manufacturing as productive national industry was outsourced to 3rd world nations, with the collusion of politicians. Clinton, phony liberal, sponsored “Nafta.”

Inflation erodes the minimum wage, sending millions into poverty or forcing them into the welfare system, the jails, or the military. This is America’s failed statism. It bears no resemblance at all to Jefferson-Madison-Hamiltonian ideas of what the state is supposed to do, to protect our liberties, support our economy, and foster some kind of social progress. If Jefferson didn’t believe in the state, as Gingrich and others might claim, then why did he buy the Louisiana Territory? Clearly then he violated his principles, and that was a great boon for the nation.

Financial services now represent 8 percent of US GDP. Borrowing and lending , rather than producing and making things within our borders, is now what America has become, a shadow of its former self.

“The banksters” are precipitating economic crises which are turning the US into a first world/third world economy, with a dying middle-class.


In 1911, John Moody said that ‘7 men in Wall Street control a greater share of the fundamental industry and resources of the US.” Three were Morgans, four were Rockefellers. Plutocrats!

“The greatest financial monopoly the world has ever known is also responsible for worldwide moral decay, world wars, financial panics, and revolutions.” Eustace Mullins.

The big four bankers were:

1. Benjamin Strong, Fed’l reserve.

2. Montagu Norman, bank of America.

3. Emile Morceau, bank of France (Rothschild?)

4. Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Deutsche bank. The Warburgs were also associated with this bank, and Otto Kahn who later fled to America.

Their decisions helped to cause the Great Depression. Another factor was the failure of wages to keep up with installment-plan for automobiles, financed in conjunction with Henry Ford. This led Ford to denounce the “international bankers.”

Treasury Secretary under Hoover (Republican) , Paul Mellon (Bank of NY), advised him, we should do nothing to relieve the effects of the depression.

Proposition 1: It seems that the Reaganite “defeat of communism” has not entirely succeeded in destroying its foundations at all. Marxism is alive and well in the world, and its adherents are in league with the drug-dealing nations.

USA’s 3 biggest cities are 1. NY (Bloomberg, Capitalist who owns a media-outlet) 2. LA ( on the surface,  Hollywood). 3. Chicago, ruled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former capital of gangsters — as well as of corrupt pol Barack Husein Obama.



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