the american class system

13 Mar


Das Kapital 2009

“It’s time to start exposing the American class system for what it is… a fraud!”

In 1972, disposable personal income was $4129 or $19385 in 2005. In 2005, disposable personal income was around $27640. It increased 43%. But how much did the real COLA go up?_______

Notes: Household income does not consider HH size.

$18,000 typical for an impoverished family.

$60,000 dual earner working class. Or DINK.

20th percentile was 14,000 to 18,000.

Median $33338 to 43318

80th was 55265 to 87000

95th was 88678 to 154,000.

US census 2004

Working class was 16 to 30,000

Less than 16,000 for the lower class.

The poor, the working poor, and the underclass. Cf. D. Gilbert, The American Class Structure.

Maryland has highest hh income of 68,000 thanks to US fed workers. Suburbs of D.C.

NJ is 2nd with 66,751.

CT 60,441

Mass 56592

CAL 54385

WA 53515

VT 50,000

NY 48472

MI 48,000

Since 1967 median hh income rose 31%

Median hh income in Suburbia, NY is $41,311. Median SWM earns 31,182. Median mortgage is 966. Median monthly rent is $815. SV is 41 %W, 47 % N or Sp. 42 percent of SV is “foreign-born”, incl. ‘illegals”.

Median hh income in Bergen county is 65241

Median hh income in Chestnut ridge, is 49,100. It is 70 percent White.

Geography is related to economic stratification

Nyc (manhattan), it’s 93377. Nassau it’s 90,000. Sfran it’s 62,614. Westchester it’s 62,000.

US  per capita average is 21587

US per cap average is 28000

US upper middle class makes more than 62,500

US middle class earns around 41,000 to 100,000

Lower middle class = semi-prof’l



Half of the US are members of the working or lower class, NOT the “middle class”. This is a perfect example of Marx’s concept of “false consciousness” : a widely-implanted idea in people‘s minds that is not true.

Elite: 120,000 for four years at an Ivy league university: that’s 30,000 a YEAR! Which is the same as tuition for four years at a SUNY.

A man making 60,000 and a woman making 40,000 is ‘typically’ upper middle class.

Lower middle class earns around 35,000 to 75,000

Working class is clerical, blue collar, and is afraid of slipping down the ladder to the poor and the underclass, which is 12 % of the population. The poor exist below the poverty line, which US puts at $18,000 a year.

The corporate Elite, is about 10 percent of the population.

The economic ladder, or the class system, goes largely unspoken in public life. Hierarchy, inequality, and secrecy are its essence. This is the spirit of American fascism.

If you  earn less than 16,000 per year, that is considered Lower Class.

San Francisco per cap. Income: 41734

Median hh income 65,500

NYC per cap 27,500

Median hh 45,500

The cost of living is double that of middle America.

Median 45,285

COLA is highest in NY, SF, Honolulu, LA, DC, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Vegas, Orlando, and Denver.

Cf. UCLA, Walter Allen, Professor of Sociology

“Stratification and inequality”

One adult and three kids equals $18,392 a year, or $8.90 an hour




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