the class system in America

13 Mar

The fundamental reality of life in America is the Class System. Labor exists in perennial opposition to capital, as well as the owners of the means of production, the bosses, who seek the right to hire and fire at will. The corporations have been outsourcing jobs overseas for decades, leaving entire communities in ruins. The bourgeoisie, or middle-class, is blithely indifferent, as long as its interests are protected and its taxes aren‘t raised. “Upward mobility” is society’s “candy” held out to the millions, but the reality is one of stagnation. The cost of living rises, but the wages stay flat, and the value of the dollar declines. These are the conditions which try our souls.

Law, medicine, education, and government help create a so-called middle- and upper-class. People vie for society’s rewards, money, power and success by becoming more and more materialistic, more selfish and more crooked.

The workers get the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel. Workers are at the bottom of the social order in America, as in most “civilized” countries; but the contrast between the rich and poor in a so-called “democracy” makes the difference all that more disturbing.

The middle-class is protected by a police-state that suppresses the working-classes, the poor, the young, and minorities. Millions of people rotate between jail and probation. New immigrants find themselves caught in a trap, lacking sufficient capital, when they come here, expecting to find a paradise in which people have but few problems. The poor are at every turn oppressed.

Wall Street and financial interests help the rich profit from a Darwinian social system. Welfare, drugs and television help keep the poor contented. The military presents itself as a viable alternative for the working-class, which is sent out to kill the members of the working-class of some other country. This is why the US is in a permanent state of war and preparations for war, less because of external threats, and more because of the internal threat to social order presented to the state by the masses. Television serves a daily fare of mindless garbage to an unwitting people.

Capitalism means the ‘exploitation of the workers,” the exploiters vs. the exploited. Whoever controls the economy — the banks and corporations– in effect controls the populace. These organizations seek free handouts from the pols, money that comes directly from the people, who barely protest this white-collar highway robbery.

Thus “Free market capitalism,” as they call it, is slowly unraveling our society. There is little real community in the US which is free from the pervasive influence of commerce. “Trickle-down economics” is slowly destroying the social fabric, rendering us into a nation of haves, have-somes, have-lesses, and have-nots. In ten years, according to research, the US dollar lost 20 percent of its value. This is fundamentally the crisis of capitalism, and there begins the struggle.

Thirty-five thousand dollars is supposedly the middle-class income, but it has been undermined by 25 percent tax rates– or higher– and by the increasing cost of education. We’ve been betrayed. The Vietnam era revealed the conflicts between the classes, and America has never been able to remake itself to what it was during the fabled fifties– regardless of Reagan-Bush mindless flag-waving, leading to inevitable war, terrorism, and more conflict. Enough is enough!

America has become a war-monger state, which is attempting to control the destiny of peoples in foreign countries purportedly in the name of “democracy,” but really in the interest of capitalistic organizations, which run the world. Eighty percent of the world’s wealth is in the hands of the Fortune 500.

The hollow lies of the State were revealed to us all during the Vietnam era, and thanks to media-induced historical amnesia, the Reaganistas were able to present the decade of the 80’s as a restoration of American power. In truth, America went into massive deficits, failed to free itself from foreign oil, and in the end, found itself in an endless series of interventionist-wars in the Middle East, helping to bankrupt our country, morally, intellectually, culturally, and economically. The “National Security State” has to find continual ‘threats’ abroad in order to maintain its bloated existence. Monopoly capitalism feeds off the failed democracy that we are becoming, a nation divided between the rich and the poor, the suburban and the urban, the white and the non-white. These divisions seem to have been planned by the two parties, who can no longer be said to operate in the interests of the people, but who are beholden to the lobbyists who help them get their men and women elected. Potemkin-village democracy is starting to present its essential falsity to millions of people.

One can almost say, thank you, Dubya, for having shown us the failed state of our democracy! Your election by a mere 500 or so votes proves the point for all of America’s critics. The corruption is finally beginning to reach the noses of the hapless population, who have swallowed America’s myths wholesale. They have to believe. They can’t not believe in the system. But a “democracy” which elects a man by 500 votes can only be declared a sham in the eyes of the rest of the world.

One out of six people lives in poverty, and millions of illegal aliens have helped to increase the misery that exists, yet the sham news media sees fit to report on the doings of celebrities, rather than showing us conditions as they are.

Enough is enough. The corrupt suits of DC, Wall Street and the Media need to be exposed.


Essay on 2012:

I. America is becoming a “Banana republic,” a country breaking down into a first-world (suburbs, corporate parks) and a third-world (ghettoes, inner cities, and rural areas); an upper-class and upper-middle-class vs. the lower and working classes. It’s occurring because the Gov’t. didn’t follow through on Johnson’s “Great  Society” programs, but instead listened to Reagan and his people, the ‘’free marketeers,” who didn’t give a damn about “the people” but wanted to free American corporate power from regulations.

Thanks to the Reaganistas, we’ve witnessed the destruction of American democracy and its replacement with a corporatized-big money -system which overshadows the interests of the little people.. The Republicans now stand for, “Negative Progress,” as they push “religion’ and ‘laissez-faire economics’ down our throats and eviscerate  the governmental protections that FDR and LBJ put into place. The corporations are trying to buy off the law, and they want a weak SEC, a weak FDA, and a weak EPA. The people who vote Republican often do so AGAINST their own interest thanks to corporate money flooding the air waves and right-wing radio talk show hosts who think corporations can do no harm.

Tell that to the people who took Vioxx and other medicines that turned out be subpar and dangerous —  brought to you by corporations during GW Bush‘s reign of error.

Adam Smith wrote his book, “The wealth of nations” over two hundred years ago. The advocates of his ideas ignore the fact that it was written during the age when slavery still prevailed in the USA. His ideas are simply out of date. Whenever politicians are out of ideas, which seems to be more often than not, they hark back to 1776. You ignore all of the mistakes which America has made since then, from slavery to Vietnam to the Iraq war. If you went back to strict contruction of the Constitution, you’d have to ignore the fact that minorities and women have won their’ unalienable rights’ since then.

Don’t forget that Jefferson wanted state’s rights and a weak centralized state, and Hamilton argued for a strong centralized state. The conflicting philosophies about what kind of Federal gov’t. America should have still play themselves out in today’s campaign rhetoric. However, the pols fail to discuss America’s rapid industrialization during the 19th and 20th centuries, and forget about the terrible thirties caused by the Stock Market crash during an era of unfettered capitalist speculation.

America’s own creation has come back to devour us: the corporations have supplanted the will of the people in elections, because the senators have to bend over backwards and give them tax breaks in order to keep them within their district. Without supplying corporate jobs to their districts, the pols fear losing their jobs. It’s a vicious cycle.

The problem is of course that the corporations are at loggerheads with environmentalists, activists, and small d-democratic advocates, the nimbys. Electrical power plant? Not in my backyard!

Economic policy has failed the population.


The minimum wage has dropped by 35 percent since 1965.

Real dole payments fell by 50 percent from 1975 to 1996.

One hundred thousand dollars in 1971 money is worth only 15,000 dollars today. Thanks to inflation, the high price of oil, speculation, deflation, debt, et cetera… the dollar has become worth less and less. The US is operating in a permanent state of crisis.

The capitalist system, in the final analysis, fails to protect the working-class. 20 percent of the population owns 80 percent of the US wealth! The meritocracy was analyzed by Pareto, an Italian economist. You don’t hear politicians of either party mentioning him, do you? They’ve tried to suppress his ideas.

He wrote that in all industrialized societies, 20 percent of the population controls 80 percent of the pie, and 80 percent of the population fights over the diminishing 20 percent of the pie, which leads to increased competition of worker v. worker. I think that that is happening here in the USA: the 20/80 rule.


II. America is a corporate plutocracy.

Goldman Sachs and Citigroup bought “developing world bonds,” ie , Third world bonds.

If the bonds turned a profit, then the banks would benefit.

But if they lost, the banks would be bailed out by the US Treasury, hence they would be subsidized by the US tax-payers.

So now a communist-state, Red China, owns the majority of US bonds, thus propping up our debt-ridden economy. The bankers have engineered this debacle. This is ‘globalization.’

The pols are attacked if they advocate any kind of ‘protectionism,’ yet China certainly practices protectionism. America loses jobs and Red China and other Asian countries gain them. Red China is a state-capitalistic system, which avoids making democratic changes with the help of their Red Army.

We are truly living under PT Barnum’s dictum that there is ‘a sucker born every minute.’ The failed American system is social-Darwinism in practice. It isn’t democracy as Jefferson thought it would work out.


III.Gangster Capitalism, 101: On the collapsing, dysfunctional, decadent American empire.

Multinational corporations buy off candidates from both parties. The top one percent of the population controls 80 percent of US national wealth. Hence, the plutocracy.

Major corporations evade taxation, letting the ‘suckers’ foot the bill. Corporations then ship jobs off to the third world in Asia and latin America, where they can avoid paying union-scale wages and health insurance to the work-force. Thanks to “Nafta” and other such corporate-sponsored government scams of the population, we now have a highly-profitable ‘jobless recovery’ for the corporations, in other words, ‘malfeasance.’

Both parties fostered ‘entitlement spending,’ thus pushing the states and Fed toward insolvency. The remaining fifty percent of the US budget goes straight to the ‘war machine.’ Payroll taxes are collected from the workers. Pols stick out their hands for corporate support, and bankers stick out their hands for pol support, then pols return to you for your vote! Thus it goes round and round. Democracy, bought and sold for a profit.



Prior to Marx, other socialist thinkers exposed the phoniness of society. I stumbled upon this excellent quotation by Jean Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of inequality, was a Swiss philosopher who wrote essays and books prior to the French Revolution.

“All morality is unnatural. Let us have laws, and the arms to enforce them, so that I may keep my riches… All ran to meet their chains thinking they had secured their freedom…such was the origin of society and laws, which gave new fetters to the weak, and new forces to the rich, destroyed forever natural freedom, established forever the ‘laws of property’ which changed a clever usurpation into an irrevocable right, and for the profit of a few ambitious men, henceforth subjected the entire human race to work, servitude, and misery.”

Marx and Engels wrote that “history is determined by the class struggle.” The communist manifesto.

“Give me control over a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws,” said Lord Rothschild, the world‘s richest man.

After Marx, there were other economists who urged gradualism and reform in order to stave off a social revolution. There was Eduard Bernstein in Germany, Pareto in Italy. Yet when you look historically at what happened in those countries, you can see that it was fear of a communist revolution which led to fascism and Nazism. In the USA, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to save capitalism from such a popular revolution by invoking emergency powers and expanded government welfare programs.

Keynes, after Marx and Adam Smith, is noted as one of the most important economic thinkers.

The police-welfare-militarized-corporate-governmental system is what we now live under in the Anglophone world, the welfare state per se– and the right-wingers are attempting to dismantle it!

Workers of the world, Unite!



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