Pavlovian conditioning of the people through TV

1 Apr

The System.

Sinister is America’s psychologist conditioning of people. People are conditioned by institutions to “believe in the system” for government wants to influence you for life. K through 12, BA to Ph.D., or else K-12 into the military or work or civil service or corporation. In other words, American society is predicated on the ‘total socialization of the population.” Education is simply a means of persuasion, indoctrination and socialization.

The system was organized during the “Cold War” so that we could compete with the Soviets. During that period of manufactured hysteria, the State, the military, and the corporations organized the populace through the educational system, on the one hand, in order to promote potential young scientists, and on the other, to create a loyal cadre of indoctrinated, elite students whose work would be useful to the State. The USA emulated its enemy, the USSR, and realized its goal of shaping the minds of millions of young people. Hence, education for socialization. This message is daily reinforced by the parents, schools, churches, and the electronic box in the living room.

The Churches had a role to play in helping to mold people in the desired image of the state as loyal citizens. The young were treated as a pliable mass of sheep-like subjects to be ruled over by a tolerant yet repressive authority. “Superpower” America sought to sustain itself as an entity so that it might cohere internally in the unlikely, indeed impossible event of a Soviet-led invasion of the United States (from across which ocean, the Atlantic or the Pacific?) Since we had a policy of mutually-assured destruction, or “MAD” via the delivery of atomic weapons, such a scenario was principally a stupid fantasy. The USSR was mainly interested in preventing an invasion of its territory from Europe, as had happened several times in Russian-Soviet history. The Soviets thought in terms of missiles, as launched from Cuba, not invading the US as depicted in the late Cold-war period propaganda film, “Red Dawn.”

Hence, the two political parties in the USA agreed eventually to put aside their mutual antagonisms in order to become two-halves of a single ‘national security state.’ In 1960 both Nixon and Kennedy’s policies were basically identical, causing them to receive an almost equal number of votes. Neither of them dared question the official policy of containing Communism, since the military-industrial establishment ran the show. Thanks to the recent invention of television, the public was well-indoctrinated to accept such a policy. The people failed to ‘question authority’ until it was far too late, and thousands of able-bodied young men found themselves drafted into the Vietnam war, “the big muddy,” which most people recognize today was a debacle.

Pavlovian conditioning had rendered much of the population suggestible to the directives of authority, the corporations, the military, and the government. The system worked!

To refresh our memories, the Russian psychologist Pavlov created an ingenious experiment on behavior. A dog was trained to listen for the sound of a bell before a meal was served to it. The bell was rung each time that the bowl simultaneously appeared in front of it. After repeated efforts, the dog was ‘conditioned’ psychologically by this association of bell with meal. It began salivating each time a bell was heard. The trainers began presenting the dog with an empty bowl, and then rang the bell: the dog behaved in predictable fashion by salivating. The dog’s spinal cord made the dog react to the stimulus. Essentially, that is ‘behaviorism.’

Pavlov’s experiments led scientists to gain new insights into how the mind and nervous system function. The US benefited from experiments conducted along similar lines. Uncle Sam poured hundreds of billions of dollars into higher education funding, largely in order to exploit scientific knowledge in the event of a nuclear war or similar catastrophe, and also to exploit new knowledge. The fusion of population and the state occurred in a more subtle fashion than had been the case in the totalitarian systems which we were fighting in Korea and Vietnam, which were proxy wars against the Reds.  What the establishment failed to understand was that the two behemoths — the USSR and Red China– pursued separate agendas; and that each of them was just as afraid of one another as they were of the USA.

Thus it was Sputnik’s emergence in 1957 which led the US to forge an educational system that would prepare us for any potential conflict with these two nations. The US claimed that there was a gap in our student’s achievements which threatened “national security.” Thereafter, the funding of universities and colleges expanded exponentially.

The state thus had a vested interest in raising generations of Pavlovian students who would serve as experimental subjects for the ideology of the state. It was believed that such students would go on to serve and improve our nation’s preparedness. The Cold war hysteria helped to create a ‘status quo.’ Citizens would work and pay taxes; students would go to school and college and forge careers; the military would continue to receive its level of funding in the absence of war. We would achieve Jeremy Benthamite-style happiness, “the greatest good of the greatest number,” ie, progress.

The State had in effect altered human behavior in order to produce the much-desired devourer of its puppy chow, a fat, contented and complacent public. Television became the visage of this belief-system.

Americans became a less-individualistic, free people, and more and more a nation of obedient puppies awaiting some form of statist concern for their welfare. The corporations  received their dole in the form of tax subsidies. The States’ economic partners were allowed to flourish insofar as they didn’t ‘rock the boat’ and become the greedy, monopolistic piggies that they presently are.

Hence, what we’re living under today  is a form of mixed statist-capitalism, not a ‘free-market’ form of capitalism. When banks and corporations go under, the state dutifully tosses them a bone, a very large bone indeed. When state and society work together to achieve commonly-agreed-upon goals, you don’t have “Liberty” as Jefferson might have understood it, but big statism. Obama represents the best and worst of this heritage, with the mass media serving both as his bully pulpit and his cheerleader.

TV or not TV, that is the question. Which shows to watch, that is Americans most important daily decision. It’s disgusting.

It is only now that a more conscious portion of the population is beginning to wake up from big-government-organized mass-society which the statists of the past had only dreamed of. They realize now that at its paternalistic heart lies a collusion of big-corporate, big-military, big-government interests. In other words, corruption. The brainwashed masses, the conformists, the believers in the system have largely had the ideas in their heads molded by social organizations, institutions and media so that they would help reproducethe status quo. In other words, they’ve been persuaded, bought, and sold.

To sum up: Television serves as the puppy bowl in the living room, stimulating people into salivating with expectation for their favorite show or game, which serves as their reward on earth for their good work, and also produces the desired idea-formations in their minds. The ideology of statist-capitalism penetrates their skulls as an unconscious form of education. Stomach, minds, and nervous system all receive their excitation from the stimulus. The dogs have indeed been well-conditioned by the Pavlovian system. They are indeed content that have their earthly reward!


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