Table of contents

16 Apr

“Where democracies have no middle class, and the poor are greatly superior in number, trouble ensues and they are speedily ruined.” Aristotle. “It is the poor who have wanted to rob the rich or the rich who have tried to put the poor in chains.”

Most Americans rightly sense that our mixed free-enterprise economy, which once built a broad middle class, has devolved into a system of *financial socialism by and for elites.

1. the american class system
2. a few words of support (for ows). Notes on econ, or slaves of capitalism.
3. social justice and class interest . the preppy prince
4. the class system in america
5. state of the union
6. capitalism, shell game
7. spark
8 notes, Judson’s book, “It can’t happen here.”
9. Dissent
10. Religion; end of progress ; ny state
11. iraq, afpak wars
12. 4 brief essays on capitalism
13. the american class system
14. pavlovian conditioning
15. poverty
16. kucinich on plutocrat
17. more on poverty
18. essays and pieces of articles
19. more demands
20. new essay
21. from the Economist
22. Nader, Montreal, mim wage

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