In Solidarity

9 Jul

In Solidarity


Capitalism is fundamentally an inhuman system. It is not designed to advance human welfare, but to promote the buying and selling of material things. The downside of ‘progress’ under capitalism is that labor must remain cheap in order for the capitalists to be persuaded to invest in a particular region. The only motivating factor of the capitalists is profit, profit, profit. But for the workers this means suffering, since the iron law of wages (Ricardo) is to remain low. This creates a profitable investing environment for the capitalists. The workers work harder and harder, but remain at the same level in society, while the capitalist-class profits from their labor and escapes to their golf courts.

In Spain and Italy, a worker-controlled system was tried with some success, but it was destroyed by the fascists during the 1930’s. The capitalists will partner with unsavory governments in order to protect their interests. The governments will then use the mechanisms of the system — the law, the police, the national guard- in order to suppress any rioting and protesting workers in the event of a mass uprising.

Capitalism fundamentally means the promotion of private interests over the public interest. The capitalists will invest in a region if they believe that the class of available labor will work in their interest, and will not rebel against their system.

Solidarity, or the monkey wrench, is what is needed to jam up the system that has been created by the haves, who mock the have-nots.


The purpose of ‘education’ is largely to keep young people from rebelling against authority. The workers, the poor, the oppressed, minorities, and foreigners are the natural allies of the young. If all of these diverse groups could put aside their alienation and work together, forming new political alliances, then they would have the makings of a ‘movement.’ The new media technology must be utilized in order to foster such a development.

It is axiomatic that capitalism depends on the employment of wage-slavery, and reduces millions of people to the level of being peons and serfs. If the enlightened members of the upper-middle-class, and the intelligensia in universities, think tanks, and the mass media, were to join in solidarity with these protesting groups, then they would be able to create a social-democratic revolution.

Economic problems ensue from capitalism despite the rhetoric of the politicians. The dollar, it is noted, declines in value every year. The cost of living rises. Things and services become more expensive. The middle-class shrinks. The workers, toiling harder and harder, try to stay afloat but cannot pay their expenses. They live virtually in fear, and the police are more threatening to them more than the criminals. This in essence is the crisis of capitalism. It has been engineered by elites in the banking, governmental, and business systems in order to keep the working-class poor and ‘in their place.’ We need to spread consciousness of the inner workings of the system, in order to disrupt it, because inertia will otherwise prevail and the status-quo will remain.

April 5, 2012

Supporting evidence: “Stagnant incomes, a federal budget gone way out of balance, soaring energy costs, a once-in-a-lifetime housing crash, and growing financial risks in retirement and from health care.” Justin Fox, Time Almanac, 2009, p. 701.

“75 % of all income gains from 2002 to 2006 went to the top 1 % — households making more than $382,600 a year.” (ibid).

“Globalization holds down earnings for millions of Americans who compete with workers overseas.” (ibid).

“Expect abuse of power.” Jennifer Holzer, artist.



Duplication, from “slaves of kapitalism.”


Is there anything that America won’t sell you?

Only eat things that are natural. If they have to sell you something via commercial media, then don’t buy it. They want to market items to you. America’s a commercial society. It’s all about getting you to buy something.

Don’t go to hospitals or doctors unless you know that they’re good. Don’t take over-the-counter medicine. If you have to take pills they give you, be advised. We need to eliminate ‘blind faith’ as mankind’s modus operandi. Institutions are all about ‘faith.’ The sad truth is that even aspirins can kill you.

The problem may be modern industrial society itself. The air, earth, and water have been polluted by man for centuries. It recently took the State of NY forty years to clean up a toxic dump in upstate NY. That’s how little anyone really cares about you.

We need massive protests in this country, in every capital, in every city, in every state of the union. It’s the only way we can bring attention to the problems of the environment.

They did form the EPA, but they haven’t gone far enough. America has forgotten the power of the people; organize, unite, and inform one another.

Eighteen out of 20 banks in America now promote Asian interests. Manufacturing has been off-shored thus costing communities jobs. They’ve basically sold us out to Red China.

What brought down the Soviet Union was its attempt to stifle all dissent, foreign culture, and the Chernobyl catastrophe. Marxism must acknowledge these mistakes, and must forge closer ties to feminism, culture, populism and environmentalism, or else it won’t survive.

Conclusion: The ideology of America, officially, is one free-market capitalism and Adam Smith‘s laissez-faire’ economics. In truth the US Gov’t has been hijacked by corporations, bankers and the super-rich. When gov’t isn’t protecting the rights of millions of people due to the greed of the top 2 percent of the population, then you have the impetus for a populist revolt! Three million jobs were lost between 2000-09. A Stanford University professor, Sean Reardon, wrote that “The middle-class has dropped from 65 to 44 percent of the population.”

Fifty percent of the US budget goes to the War Machine! That’s money that doesn’t go to help the poor.
Laissez-faire” Reagonomics doesn’t work!

Senator Eric Cantor, Republican, is an inside-trader, receiving over $343,000 from Wall Street while a Congressman. Whose interests does he really represent? Senators sell insider information about new technologies to Wall Street via non-lobbyists! It is called corruption!

The bitter truth is that corporations run America, along with self-protecting elites. CEOS, bankers, senators, so-called religious leaders comprise society‘s elite. In the final analysis, there is nothing truly democratic about American government. The Founding Fathers didn’t want pure democracy, but created a system in which the people would vote for the electors, who would then vote for the President and Veep. It is gov’t of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich that shall not perish from this earth.


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