State of the union, or the Corporate Plutocracy

9 Jul

State of the Union?

by Anonymous

The business of America is business,” as they say. Businessmen make all the decisions in America, in order to make a profit. The bottom line is their prime concern. The problem is that purportedly America is a “democracy,” so who looks after the interests of the little man? Who looks after the public interest? Only the state can do so. The Republicans are completely in the bag for the business class, and want to weaken the state. They claim that cutting taxes, benefits, and state jobs will ‘solve’ our economic woes. You be the judge.

Who will look after those who must fly coach – the common people? I suspect the answer is: nobody.

That in the purest form is “free-market capitalism,” a form of social Darwinism, in which the strong get stronger and progressively winnow out the weak. The end result is ‘monopoly capitalism,’ or a few giant corporations owning the means of production; bosses hiring and firing at will; and a bottom-line philosophy taking root in every aspect of life. The rich and powerful won‘t be hurt, but many of the vulnerable will be hurt by these practices. Then the same corporations and politicians who claim to be for ‘free-market capitalism’ come hustling Uncle Sam for a bailout from the effects of their own misjudgments!

The labor struggle IS a Civil Rights struggle



keeps millions of people in poverty. Too-easy-credit keeps them in debt. The exploitation of labor as cheap labor is intrinsic to capitalism, whose values are those of the market-place, not of the homestead. The exploitation of land, resources, things, and money itself, as capital, are other ways that the class of owners enriches itself. It then preserves those interests by converting economic power into political power – buying off politicians through lobbyists. This stymies politicians who want to serve the public rather than the private interest. The meaning of ‘democracy’ has been lost as the consumer society has replaced it, thus alienating those who most need to have their voices heard in the democratic public sphere.

Most upper-middle-class families have housekeepers, servants, and nannies. They want to live like the rich, who want to live like the super-rich. But what becomes of the poor working people after they’ve been all used up? Do they have health insurance and pensions like state workers do? No! Do they rise up in the system? No!

It’s the system that is being criticized by many across the spectrum today. America now means rule ‘by the rich, for the rich, of the rich.‘ They’ve looked after their own interests well, but who concerns himself with the fate of the vast 50 percent of the working class?


The working class has failed to unite on issues of housing, jobs, unionization, rights, education and protecting the dollar. The rich live off their property, wealth, and stocks, but the poor have no recourse but the dollar. If it declines in value every year, as it now does (deflation), then what are they working so hard for? Their money becomes more and more worthless per year. Meanwhile, the cost of life’s necessities, such as food, fuel and rent, rises as the cost of living increases. The capitalist class has gerry-rigged economic policy to serve themselves! Thus the politics of the country leans increasingly to the right, with the media as the mouthpiece of the haves. The have-nots remain voiceless.

Something has to give.

The have-nots are suddenly becoming aware of how they are being screwed by the system we live under. The system needs to be reformed, or else we may see a mass popular uprising in the streets.

Affluence helps produce poverty

. A declining dollar means that people are working harder and harder for less and less. They become increasingly insecure. In the final analysis, American capitalism means economic insecurity for millions of people. Americans are frankly tired of being led by the nose by the corporate and state collusion of liars, cheaters, swindlers, and thieves.

Americans are the victims of ‘shock capitalism,” to borrow Naomi Klein’s phrase. There exists massive, pervasive economic insecurity in this country. Health care/insurance is not constructed as a ‘human right.’ The richest country in the world can’t figure out how to create a viable health-insurance system for all. Presently, the Republicans are fighting Federally-mandated health insurance: 25 states are suing the Federal gov’t over the issue, claiming ‘states‘ rights‘! The system we live under is designed to promote only the interests of the haves: that’s the ‘winner-take-all’ philosophy.

“Give me control over a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.” Rothschild.

Imperialism,” as Lenin wrote, “is the highest form of capitalism.” When the US market is saturated for a particular good , then foreign markets for it must be conquered. The politicians try to sell you on the idealistic belief that ‘freedom and democracy’ are what we’re fighting for in countries that largely don‘t want our troops there, while a corrupt pol, Cheney, enriches himself from the Halliburton corporation, which is the gov’t’s means of outsourcing the war to well-connected contractors!

Meanwhile, the middle-class is heavily taxed, and feeling increasingly outraged, while the poor go largely untaxed (except for sales tax). The rich manage to wheedle out of paying taxes via the conniving of their tax attorneys and accountants. That, in a nutshell, is American-corporate-democracy, or the state-capitalist alliance. The multinationals have far more power and pull in DC than do the people, who want some form of social democracy. As for that other bete noire, the banks, –six banks and several investment houses have grabbed 60 percent of US GDP, up from 17 percent. They’re sitting on trillions of dollars in cash, threatening to withhold their capital if their policies don’t prevail in the halls of Congress. They seek lower taxes for themselves!

Something has to give.


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