Americans by the millions are giving up television!

14 Jul

… Don’t you wish? I merely made that post to see if it would catch any reader’s attention.

In truth, although I have analyzed some of the summaries of Marxism available online, the truth is that Marxism failed wherever it was tried. In Europe it could not be separated from the horrors committed by various regimes, including Stalin’s. Marx analyzed capitalism and predicted its downfall, but he was writing in the time of the mid-nineteenth century, the industrial revolution in full swing. He did not live to see, as Eduard Bernstein pointed out, the reforms that were being planned which improved lives for people. This could have happened only through ‘social democracy,’ and ‘progressive reforms.’ Unfortunately, there is no one figure who stands out in the public mind for ‘social democracy,’ as Marx and Engels did for Marxism. The truth is that in America, workers did progressively fight for and gain better rights and working conditions. Under FDR’s New Deal, wages improved, indeed doubled during World War Two.

This comment, I felt , was necessary. If Marxism had worked in E. Europe, then the states there would not be in such bad condition today. Environmentalism, it must be noted, civil rights and feminism have largely replaced socialism as the causes favored by the left. Marxism is decidedly the product of a different century. Let’s not forget that when Marx was writing “Kapital,” it was not even certain that the Union would prevail during the Civil War! Liberalism, as espoused by Mills, has been more favored than Marxism here in the USA. Nevertheless, the ‘specter of Marxism,’ still lives on in the modern (postmodern) world, due to the failure of leaders in the developing (or Third) world to catch up with the USA, which is now the undisputed, economic-cultural heavyweight champ of the world.

-the author


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