The argument for social democratic REFORM of capitalism

18 Jan

NEW: We need a system of social democracy that will 1. end militarism 2. fight unemployment and 3. will create A LIVING WAGE law throughout all 50 states.  Capitalism, Marx claimed, was predicated on the exploitation of the workers, ie Cheap labor. He seems to have made that point correctly.

We ask, Why is there poverty in America, the richest economy on earth? Why did we have no mandatory health insurance, until the advent of Obama? Why do we keep having year after dreary year of pointless wars?

Is LABOR America’s problem? Apparently it is! The average worker during the Eisenhower fifties earned only 150 percent of what the average minimum wage recipient earned. To create a class of dumbed -down workers may be the strategy of America, which now ranks 16th in the world, in terms of higher education attainment by the youth of this country. This is atrocious.

It is all, I believe, part of the corporate-Capitalist strategy, in coordination with the state.

What America created after the Great Depression, caused by the stock market crash of 1929, was the need for a ‘mixed economy.’ This could only be achieved through some degree of state planning, a process which World War Two accelerated. That is what we live under now. However, the system needs to be reformed in order to guarantee the poor a living wage.

That is fundamentally our argument.


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