Social justice and class interest

13 Feb

Social Justice and Class Interest (second copy)

America has long struggled with the twin issues of civil and economic rights. Capitalism requires an elite alignment of power and privilege in order to sustain itself as such. The law must support the business class and the property owners. The businessmen and women maintain their legally-sanctioned hegemony over the poor and the working-class through laws and corrupt financial practices.

The profit-system entails the continued alienation and exploitation of the workers, or proletarians, who must struggle for unionization in order to support their legal rights, including the right to health insurance, and freedom from discrimination.

What is needed is a living wage, adjusted for inflation — rather than an outmoded ‘minimum wage,’ in order to raise people up from poverty. The poor should unite their interests with those of the working and middle-classes in a mass movement of solidarity.

Historically, we must know that German social democracy was eventually developed in reaction to Marxist agitation during the 1840‘s. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, in response to the perceived threat of revolutionary socialism, instituted the 10 hour working day and Germany gradually moved toward greater democracy. The middle-class, or bourgeoisie, had displaced the feudal, land-based aristocracy, while profiting from the underpaid wage-slaves and servants who toiled daily in mines, factories, businesses, and households. The end result of such a struggle is social justice.

A similar struggle took place in Britain, followed by America, after the proletariat, led by intellectuals from the upper and upper middle-classes, helped to spark these liberal reforms. The 8 hour workday was the end-result.

Without organization from below, and without greater consciousness-raising in society, the workers will continue to be cheated and exploited by the largely conservative counter-revolutionary privileged classes above them, the politically-connected businessmen and the ‘religious’ reactionary-right.

Facts: “The 3 richest men in America own more wealth than 48 percent of the world’s population.” Gates, Warren Buffett, and Rockefeller are probably the big 3. One percent of the US population owns 35-40 percent of the wealth, and the top 20 percent owns 80-85 percent of the economic pie, which appears to be diminishing. The capitalist system is a pyramid.

Thesis: The elimination of the weak and the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, leads us to predict the inevitable fall of the plutocracy. Capitalism tends toward monopolies of power: mergers make the stock market rise, and an increase in employment makes it fall! The system clearly does not serve democratic and social ends. Only government oversight and regulation of the economy can save the 80 percent of the population from the encroachments of the rich, the corporations, and the bankers.

Capitalism by nature, produced by a “Social Darwinistic” process of weeding out of the weak by the strong, produces economic inequality and injustice on a massive scale. The time has come for the masses to demand that the American system live up to its democratic promise. Currently, the politicians are entirely captive to financial interests. Lobbyists, rather than the people, are the Congressman’s concern. It’s a rigged, corrupt system. Society is becoming increasingly unglued by the class conflict between the rich and the poor. The bosses of capitalist enterprises sometimes make 300 times the amount as the lowliest worker, leading to family conflict and the breakdown of communities.

The de-industrialization of the US, to be followed by the privatization of the US economy, is leading to massive unemployment across middle-America. The outsourcing of millions of jobs, the better part of the manufacturing sector, to Asia, enriches the banks that broker these deals on behalf of the pols who ‘sell out’ the American working-class.

Facts: Labor exists in struggle with capital. Capital always seeks cheap labor, and hence corrupts politicans who are its paid lackeys in the war on unions and the poor. The finance banks and the state are in alliance, along with the corporations, against the bottom 80 percent of the population!

The champagne -drinking class is literally at war with the beer drinkers. “Self-interest” not patriotism is their concern. The class struggle must be analyzed and openly critiqued before it will be reformed. To organize the workers and educate them is the obligation of all true intellectuals! Reform or Revolution!


America, as Theodore Adorno wrote, is a corrupt, authoritarian society which is increasingly at odds with the stated democratic intentions of the Founding Fathers. After Lincoln, the US embarked on a massive project of industrialization which gave enormous power and wealth to the privileged few. The country now exists principally to support its bloated military; Wall Street exists to exploit us economically; the political system has been jerry-rigged in such a way as to ensure white privilege and continued corporate hegemony. The ‘Rights of man’ are consistently being violated by the forces of Law; the natural environment is heavily polluted by industry; the culture is being rendered increasingly trivial by the mass media; and religious communities attempt to stifle public discourse about science. Mass conformity not individuality determines the culture; and hatred of foreigners incites politicians to public expressions of ignorance and foolishness otherwise best left behind in the 19th century.

This is America today- a country of self-deceived fools misled by criminals. President Obama is trying to reform society, but even he cannot take on vested interests.

The crisis of capitalism and the October 2011 revolution

1. Corporate /wall street dollars controls pols of both parties. Lobbyists shuttle back and forth to K Street in DC.

2. Corporations then send jobs overseas, calling it “Globalization” and ruin middle-class families and working-class ones as well. Entire communities become frayed at the seams. The elite then pocket the difference, and translate economic into political power.

3. This is “Gangster Capitalism,” selling out Americans for a profit.

4. Many corporations evade paying taxes, for instance GE and Exxon Mobil.

5. One percent pays 40 percent of the Federal taxes, but controls 40 percent of the wealth.

6. They control the mass media, so that propaganda passes for news and info.

7. The Moguls treat the workers like sheep, and the middle-class shudders, observing this process, praying that it won’t be their necks on the chopping block.

8. The poor, the working-class, and the middle-class should organize and oppose the top 20 percent, which controls 80 percent of the economy.

9. Fifty percent of the people are the working-class. Their wages are stagnant, their incomes barely keep pace with the cost of living.

10. These are desperate times. Goldman Sachs and Citigroup bought “developing world bonds.” If the bonds turned a profit, they would benefit. If they lost, the banks were bailed out, a collusion between capital and the state, and the taxpayers would foot the bill. “Too big to fail,” proving clearly that capitalism is a racket.

The Preppy Prince, or

“Blessed are the war-mongers!”

The Ivy League Universities and the military academies have become the ‘epicenter’ of America’s brain trust. Their alumni include such prestigious leaders as Henry Kissinger, Robert MacNamara, Woodrow Wilson, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Clintons, Gerald Ford, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, and Barack Obama. Their ‘secret societies’ and fraternities with pretensions to natural-born rulership are the fisheries of that rare breed of American wildlife which now lords it over the common man. They are the select rulers who send America’s sons and daughters into harm’s way in a perpetual war for perpetual peace in that heroin and oil-surfeited Middle East.

“The Meritocracy” now rules every aspect of our lives. It supplies the heads of major corporations, the investment bankers, the media elite, the CIA, select groups of preachers and bankers, CEOS, and heads of major think tanks. These are the so-called “Best and the Brightest” who promised us “Victory” in Vietnam, while some of them turned against it halfway through that debacle. They urge us to keep supporting their initiatives and ‘undeclared wars.’ It is they who supplied the grifters on Wall Street, the investment bankers who brought about a precipitous world-crisis. The Preppy Princes, these scions of privilege, have been self-organized to “rule the world.” They are now the inheritors of the earthly throne, Novum Ordum Seclorum.

Just as British leaders are handpicked to attend posh prep schools from which they will be matriculated into Oxford and Cambridge, their American cousins ‘cross the pond’ have emulated them in order to create a class of leaders. They provide the world-class brains for the State. No one dares to criticize them or their institutions which have become sacred cows which dazzle us with their power and glory. Few of the adherents to Ivy League privilege question their own actions, nor do they give any thought to “America’s rightful place in the world” as the most powerful nation. The media largely fawn on them slavishly.

They now hold the keys to the Terrestrial Kingdom. The price of their rulership can be found in military cemeteries and grieving households all across the land.



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